Welcome to Jing Sproule's Hub for Pikmin Crafts

A Red Pikmin paper cutout done in ancient Chinese window art style

Above: a Paper Cutout of Window Art with Red Pikmin. Read more in the "Pikmin + Paper" section

Some are NOT available for sale - check out:

Pikmin + Mosaic

Pikmin + Paper

Pikmin + Stamp

This section is constantly updated as I try more types of art - come back some time to see if there's anything NEW!

How can I claim to be a Pikmin fan if I hadn't even played it - here's proof :))))

Nintendo designed many activities for fans to do at home - free to download too!

I'm a maniac Pikmin fan since spring 2023. 

Pikmin helped me through a very hard time in life by sparkling so much joy and creativity in me. 

I am channeling my love of these loyal creatures into trying things I otherwise never would, including: