Jing Sproule's Pikmin Crafts on Etsy

I attempted Resin in the summer of 2023. It was quite delicate process but the result brought so much joy!

Taking Pikmin with me as I read books...

Taking Pikmin everywhere!

Pikmin Valentine Card

Pikmin B-day Card

Pikmin Thank U Card

Using Irish leaves, these Gelli printed Pikmin cutout makes a joy centre of a space!

Pikmin + Beads

Introducing Pikmin Charm Bracelets! There are two types so far (more is coming along!). Click here to learn the behind the scene stories of these bracelets.

Pikmin + Feathers

Bold statements of layered feathers + delicate and nimble pikmin (who are very good at hiding in plain site), these earrings/ ear clips are pretty in itself and put a smile on your face, knowing Pikmin's playing in your ears :))))