Pikmin + Resin

Pikmin Resin Keychain

Resin is very versatile. It's strong and smooth when dried. 

The only thing to be careful with is that during the making of things, it's important to keep the windows open and wear full gears as the raw material for making these are mildly poisonous...once dried up, it's no longer harmful to humans and safe to use...

I've changed my keychains to these and they bring me a lot of joy, knowing Pikmin are hiding in my pocket ...

Pikmin Resin Stand

After making the keyrings, it dawned on me that making stands are not so different - so here they are!

I made 8 types of Pikmin for the stand, the same as the keychain,

One day, Pikmin sneaked into my kitchen...

A video of how Pikmin appeared in my kitchen and attempted to take some fruits away...

This video show cases the Resin Stand and Keychain I've made, check it out!

Pikmin 3 Captains

Oatchi & Moss

Game Case Keychain