Pikmin + Gelli Print

Video for Pikmin Wall Art

Unique Pikmin Gelli print from post to you wall!

The Creative Process

My art therapist showed me how to do Gelli print in 2021. The fun of picking leaves from the outside right on the spot, then print them onto soft gelli pads with slow-drying acrylic paint sparked so much joy. 

The process of making these wall hanging art of Pikmin is a long one. It started last summer with a mad collection of fresh leaves at my daily walk and a quick 2h printing session the same night before they wither away. 

Then the lamination. 

Then the cutting. The cutting could take a bit of patience. I would reline the cutting dies to make sure one does not overlap with the other, which was hard to do when you have 9 dies on one A4 paper! They pretty much fill the whole page. Then was the roller which could be tricky. 

Most of the time I would need to help the paper fall off by using a scissor to cut the shape - this was a very delicate part of the job. If I failed to concentrate or control the scissor well, it would mean all the effort beforehand was wasted...I had a pile of unusable ones aside :(((