Gameplay Videos

How did it all start...

If it were up to me, these gameplay videos would never exist. My partner who was a big gamer encouraged me to record my playthrough as a way of helping me to deal with my depression. 

He saw my passion towards Pikmin and wanted to nurture that, and he was right. Making these recording instilled a huge sense of achievement and joy, which were two key elements to the softening of depressive symptoms. 

I became curious, needing to learn new things to get things to work. Who would have thought, a tiny creature hiding among the bushes had such healing power!

By making these videos, I want to share the child-like wonder, the fire of creativity, the joy of exploring with the world, including you! 

If you'd like, share with me your story with Pikmin, send me an email to PikminGarden@gmail dot com.

Pikmin 3 is the first game I played of the Pikmin series, and it immediately captured my heart. The game started with a crisis where residences of a planet called Koppai were short of food, and they sent exploring spaceships to locate food. 

One of the ship that landed on PNF-404 (earth) did find loads of fruits, yet they had a crush landing and now were seperate. The game was explory in nature, and the goal was to, find and collect fruits! How cute is that!

I enjoyed playing it on my own as well as with my friend. The co-op function of the game was pretty intuitive, and the TV screen was spit in half, making things slightly harder to see with the narrower view, but all the more fun. 

Pikmin 4 came out exactly 10 years after the first appearnce of Pikmin 3, oh it was soooo worth the wait! The scale of the game was way bigger, and as I played, it occured to me that Pikmin 4 was like the sum of all Pikmin 1+2+3! 

And, you get a puppy! We have a new addition of Ice Pikmin and Glow Pikmin, adding to the already rich Pikmin families. 

When will Pikmin 5 be then? 2033????????