About Me

A cartoon image of an Asian girl with dark hair and eyes with glasses, she's in the Koppaite bubble suit. She's holding a blue pikmin.

Who am I?

My name is Jing Sproule and I'm a Pikmin maniac who video the gameplay and share it on Youtube, and I love to explore new forms of art which results in many hand-made Pikmin spin-offs.

My favoriate art form is Gelli Print, but I'm also experimenting with paper art, lino, metal, wires, reisin and Japanese woodblock. I'll update my work here. 

My Story with Pikmin

I suffered from depression since the beginning of 2020, and a friend gave me a copy of Pikmin 3 as Christmas gift that winter, which I didn't touch for a year. 

The first attempt was too overwhelming for me (I'm also autistic) so I put it away for another year. 

Towards the end of 2022, I played it for the 2nd time and now, I couldn't live without it! It lifted me through my depression esp. with the Pikmin Bloom app which made me a happy walker every day (you should see my flower collections!)

Also, I taught many health care professions about Pikmin as I explained to them my progress with the depression lol. 

This was my way of saying "thank you" to the world of Pikmins by devoting my creative energy into Pikmin and share the joy and fun I have experienced with all of you!

Let's Chat!

I'm based in the UK. 

You can get me at PikminGarden@gmail.com

You can also get me at Youtube, X (Twitter) and Etsy