Pikmin + Beads

The Classic 3

Glow Pikmin

The Creative Process

When was the last time you did something for the first time? Mine was yesterday! 

Never have I ever made bracelets before - yet the power of Pikmin drove me to it. They are way too cute and tiny to not do so! 

First I had to make the SMALLEST charm out of resin possible, and it was quite a challenge. Instead of using one layer of acrylic like the rest of the resin projects, this one took two so that the image could be secured. It was very figidy and I kept feeling like a giant with huge swollen fingers! 

Then the design. I was only going for one design, the classic 3 of course, the most loved ones (except Winged, Rock, White, Purple, and Ice), yet I loved the image of the glow pikmin carrying the star so much that I decided to add it along and see what happens. The Pikmin cuteness flew into two designs then. 

Really I had no idea what I was doing, not knowing what tools or materials were needed,  nor how to gauge people's wrist sizes. Being a kinesthetic learner, I never read instructions either, so my learning method was to just buy whatever that seemed to be necessary and just play with them,  and here are the results!

I am quite chuffed with them really, quite a charm bracelet! One thing I love (and hate) about the creative process behind an art project is the vagueness of things - when you begin there's only a shadow, a semi-transparent floating jelly in the head for what you want to do, yet as you start getting handys problems emerge and it's a messy process of procrastinating, trying with a different/ additional tool, playing with things a bit before feeling bored/ too hard/ frustrated and stop. 

The charm took me a while to do with lots of failure/ mistakes/ light bulb moments in between.