Pikmin + Paper

Chinese Paper Art

Window paper art is a traditional form of art originated in China. For my first attempt I chose to work with Red Pikmin, one of the main characters in the Pikmin series. Adding the fact that red is one of the traditional colours for such art, it is a perfact match between Pikmin and this traditional Chinese art!

The design of this piece adapted a loved imagery of nature in both the Pikmin world and the traditional window paper cutout art. Two worlds blend perfectly together, speaking a language of fun, joy, beauty and warmth.

I've always loved to put paper cut outs for window during the winter months, something to brighten up the sight in the dark and dreary days of the year, and I thought, wouldn't it be special to be able to see Pikmins on my windows?

Here's a second design I attempted. 

How many Pikmin can you find in the grass?