Pikmin + Feathers

Behind the Scene

Flipping an IKEA toy container upside down, it created the hight above a normal table I wanted to make the delicate work of jewllery making easier. 

Why feathers? Because I like them. Most if not all of the items in the PikminGarden.etsy.com are made becasue I personally want them myself yet there's none out there in the market. 

I have no piercing in the ear and can't use the traditional earrings - and the ear clips comes to the rescue. Not a fan of make-ups in general, ear clips does most of my personal expression of the mood that day, a simple thing to pretty things up so effectively. 

After making the bracelets, I had some odd charms left - then the idea of combining these leftovers and my favouriate type of earring, the feather ones came along. 

Again this is my absolute first time making jewlleries myself, quite a figidy work! 

I had a first pair to try, and quickly realised a problem: both the charm and the feather were too light and blowed easily in the wind. I then added a 1cm faux pearl at the end of the pendant to add a bit of weight, and it was better, staying down and looking fab. more often. 

Initially I wanted to combine different colours of feathers to one type of pikmin, for example, to use different shades of red feathers for the Red Pikmin, and yellow, green and dark Blue for the Glow Pikmin to represent its flower, eye and the body colour. I bought many colours of feather packs online and when they arrived, I quickly realised a problem - the feathers all came in different sizes in each pack. I can't possibly allow such quality difference to my products! 

Solution: to have each earring use 3 feathers of different sizes, that way, I could categorise the feathers into groups according to their sizes, and combine them from small to large, creating an increasing flow of accentation for the drama. The end result was quite pretty, I am very proud of my very first earring/ ear clips of Pikmin!